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Mark Linder was the inaugural Chancellor’s Fellow in the Humanities (2011–2014) and is a Professor in the School of Architecture at Syracuse University. His research examines design theory and history considered in
a transdisciplinary framework and is focused on modern architecture since 1950. He is the author of Nothing Less than Literal: Architecture after Minimalism (MIT 2004) and is currently at work on a book titled That’s Brutal, What’s Modern? which argues that the intellectual formation and design practices of The New Brutalism offer an early, exemplary case of modern architecture coming to terms with image culture. Another long term transdisciplinary project investigates the potential of Geographic Information Systems as an urban design media with the capacity to transform census and other data, with its discrete categories and boundaries, into more pliable, or fluid, relational images that can suggest new spatial densities, intensities, gaps, affiliations, networks, communities, and territories. The most recent exhibitions of that work were at McGill University in Fall 2012 and the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative in 2015. 


Jeffrey Nedelka was the Research Assistant for the Transdisciplinary Humanities Project.

Speakers in the IMAGES?Precisely! series include: 
James Elkins, Michael Lynch, Shimon Attie, David Campbell,
Mark Robbins, Brigid Doherty, Tom Gunning, Mark Hansen, Sunil Manghani, Aud Sissel Hoel, Barbara Stafford,
and Anke Finger.


Students in the three Images humanities seminars include: Thomas Bostwick, Michael Giannattasio, Justin Halsey, Robin Janik, Katie Lind, Adrienne Merheb, Jonathan Nowlin, Olivia Conti, Emily Dunlap, James Gallager Jr., Becky Reiser, Daina Swagerty, Dylan Thomas, Davana Wilkins, Deanna Sheward, and Matt Williamson (2011); Adam Brett, Nikole Cabrera, Becky Cohen, Karla Gutierrez, Hamza Hasan, Max Jackson,
Alan Kawahara, Alex Kim, Jonathan Perez, Nick Pray, Jeniva Quinones, Harsha Royyuru, Beatrice Schachenmayr, Emily Sholder, and Nihan Tabasi (2013); and Hasan Hachem, Charles Curtis, Mike Fong, Ming Jui Kan, Neven Lochhead, Ricky Millhouse, and Weigang Song (2014). Students in the Image Atlas seminar were John Borchert, Alex Kim, Blake Capalbo, Peter Lee, Xiaozhe Liu, Hannah Seigel, Weigang Song, Kathy Teng and Stephan Zoller (2015).

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